Building Up

I can’t believe I am writing my FIRST EVER big girl blog post. Assuming my pre-teen days of 6 paragraph long Xanga posts listing every single minute of my day doesn’t count. I’ll spare you on that. In this blog I hope to share inspiring posts of home design, decor, and DIY projects for all skill levels.

In 2017 we built our custom forever home. Working at a lumber yard for years right out of high school, I had always swore that I would never build a house. But, when we listed our house, it sold within a few months and we needed to make a plan. We were ready for our forever home. We had “flipped” our first home, and quickly realized that the buying/selling process was not for us.

At the time there wasn’t a single house on the market that we were interested in. Knowing that we would be moving in with my in-laws within the next month, it was time to stop being stubborn and accept the fact that we were going to have to build. Lucky for us my family was gracious enough to let us purchase a few acres of perfect land on the family farm. We were thrilled knowing we would live here for the rest of our lives.

Now the fun could begin. I began looking online through what felt like 154654316846 house plans before giving up. I ended up using paint to put together our ideal floor plan. We spent the next few weeks clearing trees and jumping through all the hoops that come along with building a house. Excavation/Contractor quotes, meetings with the engineer, soil samples, numerous phone calls for electricity and water… it was all becoming real. Below you will see my handsome hubby working his tail off to clear trees.

We knew that we would like to do as much as possible ourselves. My Husband and I are “lets at least try it” kind of people and always looking to save a few $$ if we can. We requested quotes from three different contractors. As the quotes came in we were quickly reminded just how costly it is to build a new home. We had asked all of the contractors if they would itemize the work so that if we could “do it ourselves” we would know just how much we could save. Only one of the three, who also happened to be the lowest quote, agreed to do this for us. After what felt like ages, we had our builder.


  1. Jessica Miller says:

    We are in the process of preparing to build. How did you go from a house plan in Paint, to an actual house? I have mine all worked out. But I can’t figure out who to turn to to help figure out the roof members. Do you just go to a truss company? If you have any advice, I would so appreciate it.

  2. Erica says:

    Can’t wait to read on! I love your Instagram posts so I can’t wait to read what actually goes on in your pretty little brain!

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