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Walls Need Love!

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When looking at these photos, please keep in mind that this is a four-part series on how we transformed our master bathroom from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! There was nothing wrong with our bathroom before, it just didn’t have the wow factor that I wanted it to have!


For part one of this series I am going to focus on the first game changer. PEEL AND STICK WALLPAPER!

I have never really been a huge fan of wallpaper. Mostly because in our previous homes we had spent hours upon hours scraping wallpaper off so that we could paint. We had been wanting to spice up our master bathroom for awhile. However, I wasn’t sure what we wanted to do. When I stumbled upon Walls Need Love I was blown away by their amazing prints and the fact that its not a huge commitment. If you have been following me for any amount of time you would see that I change things up frequently. So peel and stick wallpaper was a great option for us!

Choosing a Wallpaper

modern farmhouse boho bohemian wallpaper

Young Bohemian Wallpaper

Walls Need Love has hundreds of amazing prints available in their removable wall paper. I made sure to check out every single design to make sure I made the right decision. When I scrolled upon this one I knew it was the one! I have been really feeling the boho-modern farmhouse vibes lately and this was really speaking to me.

The pattern in this is perfect, and the black and white is stunning! After selecting this wallpaper I started to plan the whole design around it.

Our bathroom is a pretty decent size, so I thought floor to ceiling of the wallpaper may be a bit overwhelming. I talked my husband into attempting a DIY Board and Batten half way up the wall to help tone it down. More on that later.

Measuring The Wallpaper

The wallpaper from Walls Need Love comes in one long roll. The panels are roughly 26″ wide. Since we were doing board and batten half way up the wall, we went with the 104″ long panels so that we could cut them in half. Doing this we were able to get 2 – 52″ panels from each. The first thing I did was lay out the wallpaper and cut 10 52″ strips. The wallpaper comes with a very sharp knife that I highly suggest using. We also used a level and a piece of scrap wood to make the cuts on.

Hanging the Wallpaper

I started in the corner and just went for it. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I was going to try to cut around the light fixture. WRONG. Thank goodness this is removable because I had to take it down and start over. I called the hubby in for assistance taking down the light fixtures. Electrical is not my expertise.

I am so glad that we took the fixtures down instead of cutting around them. This gave us a much cleaner look and made it much easier in the long run! Plus, it only took him a few minutes to hook them back up once I was passed them.

modern farmhouse boho bohemian wallpaper

Starting at the ceiling, carefully place your panel as close to the top as possible. Then, carefully match your pattern up to the previous piece. You should overlap your pattern by about 3/4-1″. Use the provided “squeegee” to press down the wallpaper and remove any bubbles. I prefer to work in roughly 2 foot sections at a time removing the back of the wallpaper as I go.

Use the provided utility knife to cut around trim or windows. Use the squeegee to press the wallpaper as close as you can to the trim. Then using the trim as a guide, carefully glide the knife along it cutting the wallpaper as you go.

Finishing Up!
modern farmhouse boho bohemian wallpaper

Isn’t it beautiful! It took me around 4-5 hours to do the entire bathroom. This includes all the time I spent cutting strips, and having to restart. It turned out exactly how I had imagined! Now it was on to the next step. The DIY Board and Batten!

Have you ever used removable wallpaper? I thought it was so cool that If I ever changed my mind I could peel it off and use it somewhere else! The possibilities with Walls Need Love Wallpaper are endless! Are you ready to tackle a wallpaper project? A sneak peek of our finished makeover is below!

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    Wow!!! Such a dramatic transformation, I love it!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest.

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