Shake your way into Influencer Marketing!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Shake. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a veteran Content Creator? Completely new to influencer marketing? I have some exciting news!

When I first began my journey into influencer marketing, I was completely overwhelmed by all of the different websites to sign up with and that each had their own set of criteria not only to qualify for an account, but to land actual collaborations! Some platforms require a certain amount of followers, while others only care about engagement rates! Some require a detailed pitch idea, while others tell you exactly what they are looking for! Navigating though and learning about each platform, I ended up signing up with IZEA. IZEA is a creator marketplace that allows you to bid on opportunities or get hired by top brands and agencies. I have had some of my best brand partnerships through IZEA!

Now for the big news – IZEA has created a whole new avenue for content creators to secure possible brand deals and sponsorships! Introducing – SHAKE!

Shake puts the Creator control and is free for Creators! When creating a Shake, you choose the specifics of exactly what the deal entails, price, delivery timeline, and usage rights. There’s no discussion or back and forth between you and the buyers prior to payment, they approach you with the Shake purchase! Shake is perfect for any influencer or content creator! You can list services like sponsored social posts, photography, photo/video editing, videography, audio work like songwriting and voiceovers, virtual appearances, and more. The possibilities are endless! I recommend creating a Shake for each platform that you are active on! The more shakes that you create, the better chance you have a of securing a deal!

How It Works –

  • Create an account at shake.izea.com
  • Create “Shakes”– these are your creative listings to showcase the services you’re offering
    • Shake tip: Create one Shake for each platform or service! To make your Shake stand out, add a catchy title and some high-quality image or video samples!
  • Buyers will purchase your Shakes, you choose to accept or deny any deals
  • Create and deliver the content seamlessly within the platform

Are you ready to take your influencer marketing career to the next level? What are you waiting for? Sign up here! Lets get shakin!

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