Why we LOVE our Caséta Smart Lights!

Our Caséta Wireless Products

Over the past couple of years we have been upgrading our home by adding Caséta Wireless by Lutron Electronics. We are now using the Caséta Smart Dimmers, Motion Sensor, Smart Lamp Dimmer, and Bridge in our home!

Using a Smart Bridge unlocks so many cool features! Caséta has so many ways to control your lights – in the Lutron app, with your voice, with the Pico Smart Remote, and at the switch. The Smart Bridge doesn’t use Wi-Fi, therefore it doesn’t slow down your network and keeps your devices, scenes, and schedules on even when Wi-Fi is down!

My absolute favorite feature continues to be the Geofencing feature that controls lights based on the geographical location of your smart phone. With Caséta and the Smart Bridge, this feature automatically turns lights on as you arrive home and turn them off when you leave.

In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switches

When we built our house, we had only installed standard dimmer switches. However, just TWO smart dimmer switches turned all TWENTY THREE regular old lights into smart lights! Talk about cost savings! Installing Caséta is an easy DIY project! In just 3 steps and about 15 minutes, you can have smart lights too!

Plug In Lamp Dimmer

The Plug in lamp dimmer kit really came in handy this Holiday season! I plugged my tree and garland directly into my dimmer and now I can easily turn the lights on and off from my phone, alexa, my Pico Smart Remote, or right at the switch. You can even name the “scene” anything you want to add some Christmas Magic into your home! Check out my Instagram Highlight for details!

I absolutely love my whole collection of Caséta Wireless by Lutron Electronics and highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their home! For more details and pricing, as well as many more amazing products, check out their website HERE

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