Bathroom Decor Tour – Part Five

Come in, have a seat!

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farmhouse bathroom style decor black and white shiplap

Welcome to my bathroom decor tour – part five of my spring home decor tour. This tour will be short and sweet because lets be honest how many photos of a tiny space can you take. This is our kids/guest bathroom so I don’t go in here nearly as much as I should. When I popped in to snap these photos I was greeted with muddy foot prints on the toilet and vanity and toothpaste from floor to ceiling. So after half a container of Clorox wipes, I present to you, our farmhouse style bath.

The Basics

  • The flooring is from Home Depot
  • The wall color is Sherwin Williams – Repose Gray
  • The shiplap color is Sherwin Williams – Pure White
  • The vanity is from Lowes
  • The toilet is from Menards
  • The faux shiplap is made from 1/4″ plywood cut into strips and we used a nail gun to fasten it to the drywall.
farmhouse bathroom style decor black and white shiplap bathroom decor tour
farmhouse bathroom style decor black and white shiplap bathroom decor tour

The Shelf Details

  • The shelf is from Homegoods
  • The Sign is from Hobby Lobby
  • The succulent plants are from Dollar General
  • The grow planter is Rae Dunn
  • The small glass container is from Dollar Tree
  • The towels are from Walmart
  • The books are just old books painted white
farmhouse bathroom style decor black and white shiplap
  • The blessed sign is from hobby lobby years ago
  • The so fresh and so clean is from Hobby Lobby – sold out but this is similar
  • The soap dispenser is from Amazon
gray interior doors hallway decor

Thank you for joining me for my bathroom decor tour. If you missed any of the previous room tours you can find them below.

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  1. Lauren Leach says:

    I’ve been wanting this shower curtain but I ordered another one on Amazon that was polyester and it was soooo thin. Is this one super thin??

  2. Lauren says:

    I love this shower curtain but is it really thin?? I ordered a polyester one on Amazon and it was soooo thin. I sent it back!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Absolutely LOVE your home!
    This shiplap, how wide did you cut the boards?

  4. Sally says:

    How is the shiplap holding up in your bathroom. I love the look and want to do it but worry that it will warp from the moisture from the shower?

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